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Sausage: Pulling Back the Curtain on Congress, America's Board of Directors

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Sausage is an unvarnished behind-the-scenes look at how Congress works -- or sometimes, doesn't work. Written by former Congressman Denny Heck of Washington State, it pulls no punches including the author's account of service on the House Intelligence Committee during the first impeachment of Donald Trump in which he played a key role. In hundreds of appearances on national television, he explained the process and the issues to America through the nation's political crisis. House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff says: "While others took to their partisan corners, Denny always managed to rise above the fray and appeal to our better angels." He calls Sausage "fascinating" and "provocative". Heck brings clarity and insight to this never told before account of what Congress is really like. He retired from Congress in 2020 weary of its toxic political culture and was overwhelmingly elected to serve as Washington State's Lieutenant Governor.