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Across the Aisles: Sid Snyder's Remarkable Life in Groceries & Government

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Raised by a widow in Kelso, Washington during the Great Depression, Sid Snyder relied on hard work to overcome his humble beginnings, working in a tiny grocery store for $1 a week from age 11. He became an enterprising grocery store owner in his own right, a pioneering bank founder, successful real estate investor and one of the most respected lawmakers in Washington State history. He began his Capitol career in 1949 with a patronage job as an elevator operator, rose to become Chief Clerk of the House and then Secretary of the Senate and ultimately retired as Senate majority leader in 2002 after representing his rural southwest Washington district for over 10 years. His constituents included famers, loggers, fishermen, oyster growers and small business. In his many roles in state government, Sid was known as the man who could get things done, who could bring opposing views together and come out with a solution that all could agree with. In 2002 he was honored as the national legislator of the year. Today, two roads are named after Sid Snyder, one in Olympia leading into the Capitol Campus and one leading to the Pacific ocean in his beloved town of Long Beach. Across the Aisles tells the biography of Sid Snyder and includes an oral history in his own words, with many stories of Washington politics from 1950 to the present. It is an entertaining and enlightening look at how state legislatures have worked over the years and how one man's goal to get the best deal for all made a difference in Washington State.  By Jeff Burlingame and John C. Hughes.